Buti Yoga and the Power of Dance

There is something immensely powerful about dance. There are rhythms that seem to get into your blood and resound through your veins with a primitive and unstoppable power. To move to such a beat seems inevitable and inescapable; a surrender to an instinctual state in which the pleasure of movement is all there is. Buti yoga attempts to tap into this primal force with a combination of yoga, tribal music, and movements to create an exciting and challenging exercise experience.

What Is It?

Yoga was first created by men and for men. The movements are designed for the masculine form as a type of meditation and spirituality. Buti is said to be a feminine version of these practices. The movements are designed to be more in line with the female body, with the way it moves and its needs. It combines yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics to produce an exercise style that is intensive and exciting.

The movement was founded by a woman named Bizzie Gold, her fitness brand claims to not only help with weight loss but to improve one’s sense of self. From a small start, Buti has rapidly moved across the world, with studios springing up all over America and beyond with lots of YouTube workouts for people to try.

What’s It Like?

Buti yoga is hard. Anyone who is expecting the fluid movements of yoga, the calm contemplation of form is going to be surprised. Buti is performed to thumping, pumping music and is full of movements that look more like they should be on stage at a music concert than in a yoga class. But this is no music concert, the vibe here is far different.

There is a primitive edge to both the music and the movements, a sense of an intensely feminine power and sexuality that makes it mesmerizing to watch and take part in. Buti yoga is about accepting the feminine form, learning how it likes to move, and indulging in those more natural rhythms. It is designed to help women be at ease with their bodies, no matter what shape they are in, and to train them in a way that is both exciting and raw.

The dress code is another interesting facet of this type of workout. The workouts call for skimpy outfits, usually just a bra and yoga pants. The idea behind this is to encourage women to accept their bodies, to wear skimpy clothes and work out in front of a mirror and watch their bodies move. It is an exercise trend that is based on feminine empowerment and the replacement of damaging body issues with more positive messages.


There is an element of the spiritual to this practice. It is designed around the idea of clearing the chakras and opening blocked energy fields in the body. However, this is a secondary layer to the workout and one that is not forced on the user. The program is primarily about healing the feminine through energy and movement, with the spiritual elements there for those who want them.

Buti Yoga is a trend that combines dance and yoga in a way that is intoxicating and empowering. It is a female focused practice, based on specific spiritual practices but still effective without it as a form of exercise and healing. This entrancing trend is going all over America and all over the web, so it probably won’t be long before it comes to a studio near you!

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