How I Use My Yoga Blocks for the Yoga Jump Back

In Ashtanga Yoga, there is a vinyasa (repetition within the Ashtanga Series) transition move, often called, the “Jump back” or “float back”. I have been using yoga blocks to aid me in perfecting this move. I use the Yoga Blocks to jump through to seated from downward dog and to pick up from seated and jump back to Chaturanga Dandasana or Four-Limbed Staff Pose, also known as Low Plank.

Blocks help give you more room for your Legs to swing through your pressed arms. I have used them to help in stepping forward and back. However, more recently, I have been using them to jump or “float” back.

This transition takes flexibility of the hip flexors, upper body strength, and core strength. For this reason it is good to prepare by practicing yoga poses and sequences focusing on these three key areas.

Even after working on core strength, I have struggled with making this jump back move a smooth transition and started looking for ways to improve. I discovered using Blocks to further practice and build the strength needed to perform this move without props.

To practice this I used 2 yoga blocks and a blanket. Place the blanket at the top of your mat and the two blocks, one on each side of your mat (top portion).

Before you practice, take a little time to warm-up the body first. Try a few Sun Salutations to get the whole body engaged and build heat.

Jump Forward


  1. Place Blocks Wide(outside of Mat)
  2. Downward Dog (hands on blocks)
  3. Look forward, bend your knees(cross at the shins) and take your hop through.
  4. Extend Legs out
  5. Repeat to practice!

Jump Back

First isolate each part and repeat 3 times. Then put them together each part:

Prep: Press up(hands on blocks), then pull back down heels slide on blanket.

1.Place one hand on each block, cross shins, lift up, but keep feet on the floor. Then with feet up in front of chest

2. Lolasana – cross at shins and come right on top of your shins. Then press up, on top of the blocks. Your back should round a lot.

Lean forward,(you can toe tap) Step or Float backward.

3.Combine the Jump Forward with the Jump back

Find and press into your blocks. Cross shins, lean forward, and jump back to Chaturanga.

Upward Dog, Downward Dog (hands on blocks)

Look forward and jump through.

4. Rest in Savasana

Lay down, close your eyes and rest in corpse pose (savasana)

Yoga Blocks have made it possible to get my legs through, which has been challenging. I recommend using blocks, since everybody has different anatomy, blocks can equalize the practice and make it safer!

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